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Specialty Facials

Let us touch your face!


Let a skin expert read your face!

In a world with so many products at our fingertips it can become overwhelming.  Skincare should be tailored to your unique needs.  Cellular Cascades will target your concerns specifically and help you simplify, consolidate, and be deliberate!  We will tailor a regimen that fits your budget and life-style.  So, whether you are targeting aging, texture, or tone, our professionals are prepared.  We will not only provide you with an amazing experience, you will leave with a daily plan to implement.  Make it more than an appointment, make it a life-style!


Diamond Microdermabrasion & Hydrodermabrasion

Deep Exfoliation

Diamond microdermabrasion skin-softening and exfoliation softens the skin by removing dead outer layers of the epidermis, exposing the fresher vibrant layers underneath.  You will immediately notice smoother, softer skin, with less fine lines and wrinkles as this procedure stimulates blood flow and circulation at the dermis.  It sucks away old skin cells and stimulates vital regenerative collagen.  Hydrodermabrasion oxygenates the skin!


High Frequency Current

Add a Serum ~ a la carte

Alternating current in conjunction with noble gas sealed glass electrodes increase oxygen to the skin providing an increase in cell respiration and metabolism.  Your skin will have an overall increase in texture, tone, and glow.  This treatment provides esthetic results on a variety of skin types, including an antiseptic effect to kill acne bacteria.


Galvanic Current

Deep Clean & Product Penetration

By optimizing absorption of moisture and nutrients to the skin, the Galvanic Current Treatment also helps to smooth out fine wrinkles and smile lines.  Galvanic current creates a flow of electrons across the skin to create two significant reactions:  Iontoderm Disincrustation Cleansing and Iontophoresis Product Infusion.  The current triggers a chemical process called saponification, which turns sebum (oil) into a mild soap flushing out pores that provide a port for deep product penetration (iontophoresis).  The two poles (+/-) ensure the infusion of active ingredients applied during your facial. 


Cleanse - Treat - Protect
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Skin Rejuvenation System

Chemical Peels

Skin Rejuvenation System


Collagen Induction Therapy

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