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Areola - Before & After

Paramedical Areola Micropigmentation is a very delicate, intricate art.  It is a restorative process of creating the appearance of an areola on breast tissue using realistic anatomical design.  Vegan pigments are used making this process safe for the client.  Paramedical pigmentation devices are not heavy tattoo guns. The lightweight pen is a modern device designed to be delicate on the face for microneedling or on post surgical skin for the intradermal insertion of of vegan pigments.  Breast cancer survivors and patients of certain conditions can benefit from this corrective procedure.  Many clients prefer to add a new undertone for esthetic purposes only.  Book a free consultation to rest your curiosity.

Client Results 1

"It has made me feel whole again, I am so grateful that I have all of me, this is life-changing!"


Client Results 2

"My life and my body has been restored because of what Cellular Cascades has done for me!"


Client Results 3

"I finally feel complete as a woman, what a confidence boost! Without this final treatment, I still felt that part of me was missing."

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